Why Is It So Difficult To Lose Weight?

If you are among the millions of people who are struggling to lose weight, you have probably found yourself wondering: why is it so difficult to lose weight?  With all of the pressure from the media, all of the fad diets, and diet pills on the market, we find ourselves with more pressure put on us to be thin than ever before.  So, what are some factors that truly contribute to people having so much difficulty shedding those unwanted pounds?  Are there even concrete reasons, or are we just a lazy society?  The simple answer is, yes!

There are many elements that factor in to the human ability to both lose and gain weight.  We all know we should eat less and exercise more.  While this is true, weight loss is actually a bit more complicated, and requires firm dedication and a proper state of mind.  To better understand how to succeed, you must first understand the main reasons for failure.  Below are the most common reasons for failure, as well as a few simple tips to help you succeed in your weight loss journey.

Goal Setting:  Possibly the number one reason for diet failure is due to the setting of unattainable goals.  It is imperative that you think long term and understand that results will not happen overnight.  The changes you will need to make to your lifestyle need to be incorporated in stages.  By setting reasonable goals that you can achieve, such as losing one pound every week, going for a daily walk, and eliminating junk food, you will gain a great sense of achievement and keep a positive attitude.

Eating Habits:  Changing the way you eat is absolutely critical to losing weight.  You need to understand that all mindless eating needs to be eliminated, unhealthy foods need to be removed or simply not purchased, and you need to examine the reasons behind your eating behavior.  In order to change your eating habits try these tips: keep a food log, plan your meals, make and stick to a grocery list, avoid overeating, and keep portions under control.

Setting A Fitness Plan:  Do not try to start a strenuous workout routine right off the bat.  You really do not need to spend hours at the gym or with a personal trainer in order to lose weight.  Set up a reasonable fitness plan, and choose activities that you actually enjoy doing.  Walking just twenty minutes per day can be very beneficial.  If you enjoy a particular sport, find a team to join, or start one of your own.  When you find an activity that you enjoy doing, you will stick with it and you will not feel as though it is a chore to exercise.

Environmental Factors:  You cannot always control your surroundings.  Temptations are all around us and they need to be handled in the proper manner.  Donuts at work, candy bars at the check out counter, and cake at the birthday party will always be of concern.  You need to learn how to practice self-control and distract yourself from diet wrecking temptations.  When at home, you can most definitely control your environment.  You are in charge of what is in your refrigerator, pantry, and cupboards.  The best way to prevent diet mistakes is to avoid them all together.  Leave the junk food at the store.  Keep healthy snacks such as vegetable sticks, fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola on hand.  When you only have healthy choices available to snack on, you will only make healthy choices.

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