December 12, 2014

Dear visitors:


I have decided to completely remove the controversial “Suicide Preparation” page that was here.

    I am a depression patient myself, and my site is intended to help other people who suffer from severe depression. This particular page was not, and was never meant to be, some kind of suicide promotion page.

    I originally put up this page for two reasons: (1) to help prevent improvident impulse actions, by making suicidal people more carefully and more realistically consider all the consequences their death might have for other people; and (2) to make sure that if people really wanted to go through with it, they would at least do so in a considerate way, without unnecessarily harming others by traumatizing them.

    This is why I stressed not to use any suicide methods confronting or involving innocent people such as bystanders. And this is why I indicated how to write a decent farewell letter that might ease the pain for family or friends. Writing such a really thoughtful letter might also help to reconsider one’s own suicide motives.

    I do accept that ultimately, we may choose to end our own life. But one of several reasons why I added this page is that I know by experience how traumatizing it can be for others to lose a loved one by suicide without him or her leaving any kind of explanation at all. I lost both a sister and a very good friend who didn’t bother to write a suicide note.


    This page has been well understood and appreciated by some, but it has been grossly misunderstood by others. Sometimes, people tried to add comments here that bluntly promoted suicide (comments of a kind that I could and would not allow). Sometimes, people have reviled me because of their completely mistaken belief that I was actually promoting suicide here myself.

    Lately I have been getting an increasing number of personal hate mails because of this page. In my present situation, being ill and all, I am no longer prepared or even capable of dealing with a rising flood of incomprehension and insults.


    So the contents of this page, well-meant as they were, are gone now. Once I’m recovered, I will be back with other posts about how to cope with depression.


    If you are one of those visitors here who feel acutely suicidal, please use Google to find the suicide helpline number in your city or country. Call it now. Or even better, confide to someone near you (or to your local doctor) and let them find some professional help for you.



Thanks for your understanding,


Henk van Setten





Final quote from the original page that was here:

    Even when death looks like the only solution left, life may still turn out to be a better option – given some time and effort. Don’t give up on yourself. Just try to try. One more time. Like I am trying here, too.

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