MusicStayOnTop will not play music to cheer you up (there is enough of that all over the Web). I sometimes include a song when it can illustrate a specific subject or post: because the artist in some way – melody, lyrics, voice, atmosphere – translated an aspect of depression into music. Or just because the song has something to do with the topic of a post.

    If you start the music player below, it will run a playlist with songs that were featured here at StayOnTop.


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    If you want to read some of the original posts with more information and background, here is a shortlist:
• Second Winter: with Second Winter by Patty Moon
• Fallen Tree: with Melody of a Fallen Tree by Windsor for the Derby
• A Tragic Life: with Weighted Down by Alexander Spence
• Disillusion: with The Ballad of Lucy Jordan by Marianne Faithfull
• Old-Fashioned Morphine: with Old-Fashioned Morphine by Jolie Holland
• Valentine’s Way: with Valentine’s by George Azzi
• Whitney Houston – Xanax?: with I Look To You by Whitney Houston
• Grief Is Not Depression: with Grief by Modern English
• The Shame of Richard Manuel: with Tears of Rage by The Band
• Floored: with Pop Goes the World by Barcelona
• Too Sad To Cry: with Too Sad To Cry by Imelda May
• The Face of Depression: with La Llorona, twice: by Joan Baez and Tish Hinojosa
• Never Born: with Veda’s Waltz by Christine Fellows
• Search Sites: Stupid!: with Searching My Soul by Vonda Shepard
• Dead Beauty: Elizabeth Siddal: with The Ballad of Lizzie and Rossetti by White Fire Sky
• Dissecting an Emily Autumn Song: with Take the Pill by Emily Autumn
• Weather Report: with Bad Weather Blues by Little Toby Walker
• Sentimentality (Aivazovsky’s Sea): with Sur by Susana Rinaldi
• Sylvia Plath: Bell Jar: with 2 O’Clock in the Morning by Swati
• Beating Depression: Florence Nightingale: with Lady with the Lamp by Jerry Garcia
• The Bright Side: with Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Monty Python
• Suicide in Art: Two Cultures: with All Apologies by Nirvana
• That Sinking Feeling…: with Sinking by The Cure
• Appointment With Yourself: with Ani ma’amin by Medusa
• Futile Regret: with No Regrets by Edith Piaf
• Postnatal Depression: Dangerous?: with Paper Gown by Caroline Herring
• Hospitalized…: with Room Service by Hey Negrita
• 50 Years Ago #2: Thorazine: with Psychosis by Poets of the Fall
• Want to Sabotage Psychotherapy?: with Psychoanalysis by Melanie
• 1000 Shades of Green: with Green Grass by Tom Waits
• Letter to Medea: with an aria from Luigi Cherubini’s Media, by Maria Callas
• Suicide Prevention Days: with Rock’n Roll Suicide by David Bowie
• Dorothy’s Jump: with Freedom (tribute to Frida Kahlo) by Blue Café
• Autumn: with Kleine Meydele by Klezmofobia
• Self-Portrait: with Penso Que Já Não Existes by António dos Santos
• One Of Those Problems… with Talk by Uness
• Orestes: with an aria from Gluck’s Iphigénie en Tauride, by Ernest Blanc
• Floods: with The Flood by Katie Melua
• The Hat of Narcissistic Depression: with Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus
• Sorry for the Interruption: with Perfect Day by Lou Reed

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