Diet Tips – Maggie Q ‘revealed’ menu weight loss

Self-processing foods each day that Maggie Q thinks it is necessary to adjust the diet in accordance with her weight loss plan.

Maggie Q weight loss tips

1. Wake up

Every morning after waking up, Maggie Q chooses a cup of herbal tea, has a beautiful effect and effective slimming method.

Besides, you can use vegetable juice (vegetables are bitter and better), mix with twice the juice such as cucumber instead. Sources of nutrients in this drink will help the body to increase metabolism and eliminate toxins in the body.

2. Breakfast

Maggie Q’s breakfast includes a glass of vegetable juice, a slice of cheese sandwich and lettuce.

Cheese although high in fat, but food help burn calories best, so it will help you control your weight as desired.

Cheese is rich in vitamin B, protein, calcium, milk, give your body the needed energy per day.

3. Lunch

Lunch included vegetables, tofu, eggs, mushrooms and a small rice bowl.

While vegetables supplement vitamin , tofu adds phytoestrogens, eggs are protein, rice is carbohydrate and mushroom and the necessary amino acids for the body.

4. Water

Maggie Q often drinks tea with a few slices of soda bread, dried seaweed or chicken broth, milk, barley and a small apple.

As you know, the soda works to accelerate the process of digestion, helps detoxify the body strongly. Seaweed contains protein, vitamin A, more phosphorus, calcium … almost no risk of obesity. Chicken broth increases immunity to the body thanks to high protein. Barley milk enhances blood circulation, the solution releases excess water of body. Finally, an apple can help you feel full longer and not appetite more.

5. Dinner

Characters and lotus soup, add about 100g of barley rice, soup and bamboo shoots 200g cherry tomatoes.

Character helps enhance skin absorption of oxygen, in addition to a whitening effect. Sen also rich in nutrients but low in fat. And it helped cement limited to the maximum absorption of fat, so it is considered a “magic pill” for weight loss plans.

Add cherry tomatoes, you get the vitamin than 1.7 times higher than normal tomatoes. Tomatoes have effective weight loss helps white teeth effectively.

6. After dinner a half hour, eating a bowl of barley soup or bean soup

Barley and bean soup for the body against edema, a perfect meal ends a diet day for the body that is always beautiful and slim.

Like that ; to keep the slender body like this, Maggie Q has implemented a balanced and healthy diet. She chooses foods to help prevent the absorption of fat, eliminate toxic substances and in other respects, it also supports the skin beauty process, rebalance slim body.

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