Diet Tips – Low Fat Diet/Weight Loss

Low fat this, reduced fat that, no matter where you look something is always advertising low to no fat content. So what exactly is the benefit of all these low fat products? People are always talking about eating less fat and I guess a lot of people figure that by reducing the amount of fat you eat you are naturally reducing the amount of fat in your body.

So for the basics:

Foods contain different combinations of calorie-containing nutrients. Carbohydrates and protein provide 4 calories per gram. Alcohol provides about 7 calories per gram. Fat provides 9 calories per gram.

So essentially what a low fat diet is attempting to do is to identify the typical highest source of calories in a typical person’s diet and then to reduce it thus reducing the amount of calories needed to burn.

As I have done research into all of the different diets and such most of them are all variations on a similar theme. Cutting calories.

So what you have to consider when looking at all these different fat diets is what the most effective way for you to cut the calories you need.

Some key points for you to consider:

Can you maintain it indefinitely?

Does the diet fit your Budget?

Are the components easy to get a hold of, or do they require orders that may require time to receive?

Does it maintain the recommended daily dosage of various nutrients?

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