How can she eat so much?

You’ve seen her. She eats constantly. You’re sure she consumes twice as much food as you on any given day. She can scarf down a large dinner and have room for a decadent dessert and she doesn’t seem to gain an OUNCE!

She’s slim-yet-curvy and can wear a burlap sack and still look fabulous. She’s around your age, so it’s not like she’s 21. So how does she do it? How can she eat so much and still be so fit? It seems so effortless for her.”She doesn’t even try! It’s not fair,” you lament.

Well, here are a few of her secrets…

Secret #1- You can bet– when she’s eating, she’s not telling herself, “This is going to go straight to my thighs.” You can’t eat something you believe will make you fat and expect to lose weight. What you believe about what you eat is as important as what you’re actually consuming. There’s an ancient text that says, “It’s not what goes into the mouth that defiles a [wo]man, but what comes out of it.” I don’t say this to mean that eating pizza– morning, noon, and night will help you lose 5 pounds a week. What I am saying is that you should be mindful of what you tell yourself about the food you eat.

For example, I would notice my belly getting a little pooch after a few days of eating Rice Chex cereal for breakfast. I began to think about it and discovered my belief about the cereal. I’d be in the grocery store looking at the cereal’s nutritional info thinking, “This stuff is so processed and it doesn’t have a good amount of fiber in it.” But I would buy it anyway.

It’s no wonder that after eating it, I’d notice the weight gain. My belief about this cereal is hard-wired into my brain. I just can’t eat it without it showing up on my abs. I can either change my belief about this cereal or just accept it (and stop eating it or continue eating it).

Secret #2- She eats when she’s hungry. Starving yourself is not the way to sustained weight loss. Your body needs regular nourishment. Skipping meals works against your metabolism (your body’s natural calorie burner). When you consume too few calories, you’re sending a message to your body to go into starvation mode. When this happens, your body stores calories instead of burning them for energy. The woman who is eating constantly keeps her body’s metabolism up (for weight loss and maintenance–it’s a matter of eating 4-5 meals a day– between 250-500 calories each).

*You may say, “I know this woman eats way more than 500 calories per sitting.” To that, I say you’re only seeing her for one meal. Of course, you don’t know with certainty- what she does 24 hours a day– so you don’t know what her portions are the rest of the day. Not to mention, you don’t know her physical activity level.

Secret #3- She doesn’t beat herself up about her weight. Your frustration about your weight loss effort s is working against you (it’s that law of attraction thing!). You’ve tried it all. You’ve read all the books, purchased all the exercise videos and gone on every diet that’s been invented– yet you’re in the same place with your weight (you’ve possibly even gained more since your last diet). You feel like a hamster in one of those wheels– doing everything and getting nowhere fast. Trying harder keeps you stuck. How can this be?

Losing weight is about balancing the energy in your mind and body. When you’re struggling and striving to win the “battle of the bulge”– you lose. Why? Because you see it as a battle. A fight. Fighting doesn’t feel good. And when you don’t feel good, you’re in an energetic state of resistance. Resistance is a ‘stress effect’ that creates ‘dis’ease in the mind and body.

Your body is holding to weight you don’t want because the Law of Attraction works. Your energetic frustration is sending a signal to the Universe that’s causing more frustration to show up in your reality. You need to ease up on trying so hard and work on improving your energetic vibration.

If necessary find a coach (like myself) or alternative health practitioner who can address the– ‘stuff behind the stuff.’ Where you are taught how to identify your lowest hanging fruit (easy things you can do right now), so that you can get the fastest results and build your weight loss momentum from there.

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