Hoodia Diet Pills

Where’d My Appetite Go?

Hoodia diet pills are everywhere you look now.  If you’re not careful though, you may be buying something comparable to “snake oil”, that is not truly pure hoodia gordonii.  You may be living under a rock if you have not heard the numerous claims that a natural, succulent plant, grown natively in Africa, called the Hoodia Gordonii plant, has appetite suppressing abilities that are pretty remarkable.  In fact, even a popular news anchor tested it and agreed that she was neither thirsty nor hungry after she had a dose of pure hoodia. The Hoodia Gordonii cactus is actually a member of the “succulent” cactus family which originates and only grows in the Kalahari desert, where its pure extract has been used for many years.  Although I am not sure who “discovered” this plant for exploitation as a diet pill over here in the states, I am sure they are now rich, as this has caught on as a sort of revolutionary alternative to stimulants that suppress the appetite. 

In fact, one of the most appealing parts of the hoodia diet pill is that it does not contain stimulants in itself, unless the product itself decides to add a natural stimulant for added energy, along with the appetite suppression of the hoodia – this can add to the fat burning effects, coupled with eating less, which is a winning combination for weight loss, as we all know.  What exactly is it – chemically speaking – that makes the hoodia extract such an effective appetite suppression aid?  Well, the “magic bullet” is an active chemical in the African Hoodia cactus that is  responsible for the decrease in appetite.  This magic bullet is a previously undiscovered molecule called  “P57”. 

The current popular thought is that this P57 molecule is the main reason for the appetite suppression, but that this molecule’s abilities also work in unison with the Hoodia cactus’ other natural chemical compounds, not alone, since usually therapeutics herbs, plants and botanicals tend to work this way.                                                                My Hoodia Experience  I started taking the  pure Hoodia extract supplement for two weeks, so that I could help curb my appetite, which seemed to only be increasing as the weather got nicer and bikini season was on its way (I know, it makes no sense that warmer weather would whet my appetite, but it did!).  I took two of the Hoodia diet pills every single morning with a full glass of water, and would usually wait an hour before eating my breakfast, which was actually my usual routine. 

These two Hoodia pills at the beginning of the day are all it took for me to achieve full appetite suppression for about 6 to 8 hours, depending on the day and my metabolism I guess, so this was  a bonus, because I am not a person who likes to remember taking pills every 4 or so hours. 

The pills produced an almost immediate drop in my appetite after I took them. I was happy to experience the sudden willpower to only eat about one half to 3/4 of what I would usually eat, since I just seemed to “fill up” a lot sooner than I normally did.  I wasn’t just an eating fool, eating until I was about to expode, and would get tired after meals. 

Instead, I felt like I was eating just enough to sustain my energy and satisfy my hunger.  I still would get hungry, it’s just that the hunger was noticeably dulled, and the amounts I ate were noticeably smaller, since I couldn’t eat nearly the amount I used to without feeling overly stuffed. 

I do believe that you still have to eat the right foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as to ensure that you lose fat and not muscle, but this hoodia diet pill definitely helped me to get and maintain the willpower I needed to get the ball rolling to eating less, and only eating when I really needed to.                                                                                 Interested?  One more thing before you jump on the bandwagon and buy the nearest hoodia supplement. Only pure Hoodiacactus extract will actually curb your appetite.  Watered down fakes will not work.  Chances are if you are buying a very cheap hoodia diet pill, you are getting what you pay for. 

You see, pure hoodia is not an easily obtained plant, and you do pay for superior product, and the real thing in this case.  Otherwise, you may purchase a non-pure supplement and be disappointed when you do not get any appetite suppression results, and do not lose any weight!

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