Diet Pills – Fat Loss 4 Idiots Ebook – Buy?

Fat loss 4 idiots is a leading ebook on the subject of weight loss. Maybe you’ve tried everything to no avail or this is your first time. What better place to than with the fat loss for idiotâ??s ebook… But wait, this aint no sales pitch!

Okay, what’s good about fat loss 4 idiots.

Firstly, it’s different. There is no calorie counting and the such like so you eat what you want until satisfied, but it doesn’t mean you can go crazy, loosing weight is not easy remember!

Before we go too deep, let’s have a look at what you get for your cash.

1. 10 Idiot Proof Rules of Weight Loss – you have already discovered that conventional diets only work for some and even then weight is usually put straight back on. Now you can learn how to keep that weight off forever.

2. The 11 Day Test You Get to Lose 9lbs every 11 Days. No more using diets that cannibalise your body and destroy your metabolism.

3. You will Learn How to Stop Retaining Water – When talking about diets most people think pills. If you are taking supplements or drugs you will learn that this is only a temporary fix to your weight gain problem.

4. Find out how you can still Drink Alcohol and still Burn Fat. Find which foods you can order at restaurants and still burn fat.

5. Learn how to shop at the grocery store to boost fat burning for your whole family. And they will never even KNOW.

Looks good to me!

Now, slightly off topic I guess, but what is the name about! – Fat loss for idiots – now even in this common day of age I would maybe find that offensive!! Are fat people idiots? Are you an idiot to by this ebook?

Well no: but are we interpreting the title incorrectly. Perhaps it means that by saying this ebook is for idiots, it means that anybody can lose weight with its methods! Now although not totally politically correct, of course that is what is meant.

“I have lost 12lbs so far. I find this one easy to follow and I’m not hungry all the time. In fact I find I don’t want to eat sometimes but do so anyway as it is part of the process.” Apparent this is a real quote, fair!

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