If you don’t like digging for posts by category or tag, here is a more conventional “Table Of Contents”. It does list most items, grouping them together in (somewhat arbitrary) categories. For each category, posts are listed in oldest-first order.


Basic Tips

• The Tips
• The Pills
• One Suicide Rule

Questions & Answers

• Q&A: ECT
• Q&A: Naps
• Q&A: Isolation


• Depression Infographic
• Online Depression Tests: Useless
• Grief Is Not Depression
• The Truth About Depression? Again?
• DSM-V: Lost Credibility
• Depression Dominoes
• Depressed Landscape
• The Bright Side
• Is Anxiety Depression?
• Suicide Prevention Days
• Not One Truth
• Sorry for the Interruption
• Suicide Survivors Day
• Depression & Gender

Just Plain Nonsense?

• The Fairy Tale of The Blue Shoe (part 1 & 2)
• The Fairy Tale of The Blue Shoe (part 3)
• The Hat of Narcissistic Depression

Depression In Daily Life

• Fleeing the Party
• Battlefield Smoke
• Self-Labeling
• Setting Signposts
• The Smilies
• Winter
• Sense of Time
• A New Year
• Lost Pigeon
• Classifying Depression
• Broken Filtering
• Taming Sleep
• Keystones
• Mindful Walking
• Shame
• NewMas and ChristYear
• Blue Monday?
• Apple Tree: Find a Lover
• Depression is a Hawk
• Genie in a Bottle
• Inexplicable Sadness
• Old-Fashioned Morphine
• Sabre Tooth Fear
• Calendar Wisdom
• Valentine’s Way
• The Landmark Effect
• Try a Journal
• A Pet Is No Cure
• The Counting Strategy
• Unbearable Lightness Online
• Depression and Deja Vu
• The Shatterer of Myths
• The Shopping Therapy
• One With The Honeybees
• Appointment With Yourself
• Futile Regret
• Mood Monitoring: Narcissus!
• Open Your Eyes
• You’re a Wreck
• Postnatal Depression: Dangerous?
• Hospitalized…
• 1000 Shades of Green
• Autumn
• Self-Portrait
• Floods

Art & Music etc.

• The Bag Bird
• Second Winter
• A Bad Drawing
• Fallen Tree
• A Tragic Life
• Creativity
• Automat
• Disillusion
• The Simpsons 500
• The Shame of Richard Manuel
• Floored
• Too Sad To Cry
• The Face of Depression
• Sentimentality (Aivazovsky’s Sea)
• Sylvia Plath: Bell Jar
• Suicide in Art: Two Cultures
• Dorothy’s Jump

  (more complete playlist: see Music)


• Anxiety
• Our Days
• Not the Last Post
• Phoenix
• Anti-Suicide App: Limited Solution
• Never Born
• Fatal Attraction
• Military Suicides

Depression In History

• The Anatomy of Melancholy
• 18th-Century Blues
• Leaving a Footprint
• A Lesson From The Past
• Dead Beauty: Elizabeth Siddal
• Beating Depression: Florence Nightingale
• Letter to Medea
• Orestes

  (also see: Dates in History)

Depression Medication

• A Pit in the Web
• Lithium Tears
• Snake Oil
• Battling Symptoms
• Antidepressants With Sex Effects
• Whitney Houston – Xanax?
• 50 Years Ago #1: Nembutal
• 50 Years Ago #2: Thorazine

  (medication overview: see The Pills,
   medication scams: see Depri-Pharm)

Institutions & Electroshocks & Other Therapies

• Waking Up
• Into the Void
• On Wheels
• Blast Past
• A Room With No View
• Caring for an ECT Patient
• Steampunk Psychiatry
• Want to Sabotage Psychotherapy?
• Anti-Suicide Dress

  (for my satirical view of psychiatry wards,
  see the “Dullish” posts under “Lame Jokes”)

Lame Jokes & Satire

• Christmas
• Dullish
• Dullish 2
• Dullish 3
• Stuck…
• Depri-Pharm
• The Depression T-Shirt
• New: iPad Shocking App!
• That Sinking Feeling…
• Happy Meal
• Call Your Therapist!
• One Of Those Problems…
• Fluff

2 Responses to “Contents”

  1. 1 Marcia Lesman Jul 26, 2012 at 05:30

    I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago after suffering all my life, with Chronic depression, anxiety disorder and dysthymia. I have been able to function pretty well on paxil, and cymbalta and xanax, but lately, since my youngest son had his first child I went from an excited grandma to a sad, depressed , unloved unneeded, person who feels like there is nothing left for me. I don’t get to see any of my kids or grand kids as often as Id like. maybe once a month. I live in a senior apt. complex, have never been very outgoing, have always been shy , very low self esteem, I also know that I am a control freak, but right now i feel as if all I want to do is sleep , nothing else interests me. Do I need something to help with my dysthymia? It doesn’t exactly feel like depression, but more like dysthymia, extreme sadness. Maybe empty nest syndrome?

    • 2 Henk Jul 26, 2012 at 13:46

      Dear Marcia: I hope you’ll understand that only someone who knows you personally (like a good friend, or a therapist) would know enough about you to be able to answer your question. If you seriously wonder if you need more help or medication, then you should not hesitate to ask someone who is in a position to advise you on a personal level.
      On a more general level, the best things one can do in a situation like yours are, in my own opinion:
      (1) try to force yourself to be really active for some hours every day, both physically (taking walks?) and socially (joining a club?).
      (2) focus not on your future but on your actual experiences right here-and-now, not on long-term goals but on simple, immediate short-term-goals.
      (3) do not keep asking yourself endlessly what’s wrong with your situation or with yourself, but for each day try to register a few little things you’ve done well.
      I’m sorry I cannot give you more specific advice, but at least these three basic rules may help to reverse a downward spiral and turn it into an upward spiral again. Wishing you success (and the happiness that may come in unexpected ways when you’re not too frantically searching for it).

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1818 Wakefield Lunatic AsylumNov 23, 1818 –
Opening date of the West Riding County Lunatic Asylum in Wakefield (near Leeds, UK). This became one of the largest and most prominent asylums of Victorian England.
   Between 1818 and 1860, its capacity grew from 150 to 1100 patients. Under the direction of a “phrenologist” (practicing a very primitive form of neurology) they got “moral treatment” and “therapeutic employment”.
   The original 1818 building still exists, but the interior has been converted into residential apartments.

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