Can I lose weight?

I just can’t lose weight! How many times have you wondered why you can’t lose weight (and keep it off)? For most women it’s a thought that goes through their mind many times throughout the day. Do you find yourself wondering why you can’t lose the weight you want…when waking up and looking in the mirror, taking a shower, picking out clothes, getting dressed, seeing someone with a great body, before being intimate with a partner? If so….

What CAN you do right now to start losing weight?
First of all– you can drop the guilt, the self-pity, the victim-mentality and other dis-empowering thought patterns. Your perception is your reality. If you continue saying to yourself, “I can’t lose weight,” what do you think your conversation, choices and behavior will be like throughout the day?
Secondly, you can choose a more empowering mindset about who you are, your value and your power as a creator of your reality. Once you’ve become aware of your negative self-talk about losing weight, it’s time to replace that head trash with self-talk that’s empowering, healing, supportive and affirming.
Finally, you can be more intentional about how you approach weight loss. Have you really taken the time to think about all the reasons why you want to lose weight, how much weight you really want to lose, are you being realistic (or setting yourself up for failure)? If you’re approaching your weight loss goal haphazardly, without being deliberate about it…you’re going to find yourself drifting from one fad diet to another and one weight loss goal to another. Be intentional.
Take it one day at a time and stop comparing yourself to other people (and you won’t ever have to wonder “Can I lose weight?”. The weight loss you desire is within your reach. You CAN lose weight. You CAN have a body you love….but it starts with liking the body you have and not allowing “what is” and “what has always been” to dominate your thought life and focus.

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