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What Is Phentremine Civ-XR?

Original prescription phentermine, short for phenyl-tertiary-butylamine, is best known for being a powerful and effective appetite suppressant. Many health and diet enthusiasts may remember it as one of the two active ingredients in the now illegal drug fen-phen, with fenfluramine being the other. Although fen-phen and fenfluramine are now both illegal and considered to be extremely dangerous to use due to the serious heart valve damage they’ve been known to cause, phentermine was not pulled from the market in most countries and is still considered safe enough to use on a very limited basis.

Although it does still come with quite a few unpleasant side effects of its own, phentermine is currently available by prescription and considered to be very effective. Therefore it is still very much in demand when it comes to losing significant amounts of weight. However, as it is a controlled substance that must be handled with great care, and many doctors hesitate to prescribe weight loss medications at all, prescriptions aren’t written for just anyone who’d like to lose a few pounds.

As a result, there are many alternatives that have since exploded onto the weight loss market that claim to work just as well as prescription phentermine does, and phentremine civ-XR is one of these alternatives. However, the question remains – how effective is phentremine civ-XR and is it something you should try if you’re looking to lose weight?

According to websites that pedal the product, phentremine civ-XR it’s the strongest phetermine alternative available without a prescription. According to the manufacturer’s, it’s an all-natural supplement that contains all the hottest weight loss supplements available on the market today, but let’s take a closer look at what ingredients are involved.

One of the main ingredients is hoodia, which is a popular appetite suppressant on the market today. However, although some people swear by it, there are no conclusive clinical studies that prove hoodia’s effectiveness.

Another of the main ingredients is citrus aurantium, which is a common replacement for ephedra in weight loss supplements today due to its chemical similarity. However, like hoodia, there isn’t a lot of clinical evidence available that supports any of its claims to be as effective as the now-illegal ephedra once was.

How Does Phentermine Work with Brain

Phentermine is a drug that works much in the same way that a lot of other medications work, with the help of neurotransmitters or chemicals located within the brain. What happens is bundles of neurons are stimulated which causes them to release catecholamines, which are a specific group of neurotransmitters. Within this group is norepinephrine (noradrenalin), dopamine, and epinephrine (known formally as adrenalin). Each of these causes a signaled response in the body to occur, which is known as the fight-or flight response. Adipex and Fastin are very popular brands of Phentermine 37.5 mg that is sold online at pharmacies. When this response occurs, the hunger signal is then halted. The result, messages of hunger do not get sent to the brain, therefore appetite decreases. It is only natural that if a person’s brain does not receive signals that they are hungry, they will eat much less often than they normally would when the brain receives signals of hunger. Over time, and as less food is being consumed by the user, they will begin to notice an increase in the amount of weight that is lost. This is possibly caused from the effects that Adipex / phentermine has on levels of leptin within the brain. According to a theory about this process, it is believed satiation is signaled from the increased levels of leptin that are caused from phentermine. It is also thought that neuropeptide Y, which is another chemical messenger, is halted partially from the higher levels of catecholamines. It initiates lower energy use, more fat storage, and eating. The effectiveness of phentermine is determined by several different factors. These would include the sex of the user, their mental behavior, their age, and their overall physical condition.

The Reason Appetite Suppressants like Phentermine 37.5 mg Work

While neurotransmitters within the brain are shifted from one area to another when phentermine 37.5 mg is used, the overall amount of neurotransmitters that are in the brain and nervous system are not increased. The brain is actually tricked into believing that a larger amount of neurotransmitters exists, rather than the amount that is actually there. The result of this is the overall neurotransmitter production is slowed down by the brain. The stimulation that occurs to the hypothalamus glands and the nervous system when phentermine is used causes the natural sensation of being hungry to decrease.

Possible Side Effects that Can Occur From the Use of Adipex (Phentermine) 

The side effects that most commonly occur from the use of Adipex or phentermine are not noticed in a majority of cases unless the user is taking a high dose of the drug. However, even when some of the side effects are noticed, they typically are not noticed after just a short amount of time. During this time the body’s system becomes adjusted to the introduction of the medication and the side effects gradually begin to diminish. To name some of the most common side effects that some patients have noticed after introducing phentermine into the body include the following:

– An unpleasant taste in the mouth or the throat becoming sore

– The feeling of being drowsy

– Eye irritation that can result in problems with vision

– Upset stomach or vomiting

Substances that should be Avoided When Phentermine is Used

Due to the fact that the Adipex or phentermine 37.5 mg that is excreted in the body speeds up when caffeine is consumed, it is not nearly as effective in suppressing the appetite. For this reason, products and drinks that contain caffeine should be avoided whenever possible. There are actually more than 63 different species of plants around the world where caffeine is naturally produced within the fruits, seeds, and leaves of these plants. Cola nuts, cocoa beans, and tea leaves however are three of the main sources where caffeine is most commonly obtained. More info about ingredients can be found at trusted websites.

This medication should be used along with exercise and diet and is usually used only short-term. This diet pill is mainly used for obese individuals with risks of hypertension, diabetics and those who have high cholesterol. It suppresses appetite by altering the central nervous system.

There are many precautions to take when using this diet pill and one of them is to not take other diet pills unless ordered by your physician. The effect of using other diet pills along with this medication may result to a fatal condition.

When taking this drug , you should avoid activities that require you to be attentive like driving because the side effects slow down your thinking and reaction time. The consumption of alcohol should be avoided as well. Taking the drug alone will not achieve the results you desire. Exercise and strict diet plans are necessary to get the best results.

The medication is an addictive drug so be sure to take only the prescribed amount. If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms go to your physician immediately. Never share your medication with other people and keep track of the number of pills in your bottle.

Be honest with your medical history when asked, to ensure that the drug will not do you any harm. Phentermine is contraindicated with patients with heart diseases, history of drug and alcohol abuse, uncontrolled high pressure, glaucoma and more. There is no evidence to suggest that the drug will affect those who are pregnant, but be sure to inform your doctor if you are carrying a child.

While a positive phentermine review is easily found online, you’ll hardly find one that is willing to speak the truth. Any real overview of the drug would come to the correct conclusion that although it does have a powerful ability to help you lose weight on a short term basis, it has a lot of harmful side effects that come along with it including cardiac related side effects that could prove to be fatal.

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Any half-witted Phentermine reviews should point you towards a better answer to your weight loss problems: FenFast. This powerful weight loss formula offers everything that Phentermine does but without the serious side effects and the “short term use only label”!

FenFast doesn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals and additives that any Phentermine review will choose to leave out of the information. The fact that it has fewer side effects associated with it and how you can take FenFast to lose weight for a much longer time than Phentermine is what makes this weight loss formula a much better choice in the long run.

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Stop checking out Phentermine review after review and start concentrating on the wonderfully available FenFast weight loss formula. It offers the same speedy weight loss without having to have a prescription or even a visit to the doctor.

What most Phentermine reviews will tell you is that you can lose plenty of weight fast but in order to obtain a prescription for it, you’ll have to go to the doctor, which is quite expensive when you don’t have insurance!

This process is also quite a hassle whether you’re insured or not because you have to go out of your way to set up an appointment and miss work to go to the appointment! Now, assuming your doctor approves you for the need of Phentermine, which they most likely won’t unless you are medically obese, you’ll still have to spend time waiting at the pharmacy for your prescription to be filled.

Of course, this valuable information against the use of Phentermine is most likely left out of any Phentermine feedback you happen to run across. Luckily, the makers of FenFast 375 are on your side and are dedicated to providing the same powerful weight loss method over the counter, with as little frustration as humanly possible.
Enjoy your soon to be fat-free lifestyle with FenFast

A third active ingredient is evodiamine, a fruit extract that has been clinically proven to aid weight loss in rats. However, there are not yet any existing studies that prove its effectiveness on humans.

Other ingredients include caffeine, which is a common ingredient in many weight loss supplements; senna, which is a common ingredient in laxatives and diuretics; vitamin B-12; and yohimbe, which has been shown to be somewhat effective as a metabolic aid.

While there are several key ingredients in phentremine civ-xr that could very likely be of help when it comes to weight loss, it is important to note that there is no clinical evidence to actually support its claim to be a comparable alternative to prescription phentermine. However, it is likely to be comparable to many weight loss supplements and dietary aid already available over the counter.

The prescription weight loss drug Phentermine has been on market for a while, and has

gained notoriety and a reputation for being a VERY effective weightloss pill and a powerful

appetite suppressant.  However, along with this drug’s exceptional abilities to help people lose

weight by dramatically curbing their appetite, it also has a bad reputation for some rather

unsavory side effects. 

Dry mouth, sleeplessness, irritability, stomach upset, and painful urination are just some of the

side effects patients on Phentermine have reported while taking this medication.  And that short

list is just the beginning. Side effects of the leading prescription brands of phentermine can also

carry blurred vision, adverse effects to the central nervous system, and decreased sexual drive.

The History of Prescription Phentermine

More Specifically of Phentermine and its highly publicized withdrawal while combine with Fenfluramine

(AKA Fen-phen).  Note:  Phentermine is still on the market, but the combination of the two drugs

mentioned above which was coined Fen-phen was removed from shelves citing severe health hazards

after several people taking the drug Fen-phen were diagnosed with heart valve problems, and several

deaths resulted. 

There are several other powerful appetite suppressant supplement alternatives to Phentermine that

work well, only naturally, inhibiting hunger through complex blends of herbs and other natural ingredients

ot maximize your self control on a cellular level. 

The current cost of just 30 tablets of prescription Phentermine is about $99 online – even more if

prescribed and purchased through a doctor’s office.  Not only that, but you are also looking at a whole

host of some very scary possibities as far as side effects go.

SIDE EFFECTS OF PRESCRIPTION PHENTERMINE: Dry mouth, sleeplessness, irritability, stomach upset

or constipation may occur the first few days as your body adjusts to the medication.  Read above for other

reported side effects.  Phentermine alternatives do not induce any of these symptoms.  Not only that,

many users of Herbal Phentermine have reported very comparable results and are extremely happy with

their results.  Another benefit of the natural alternative is that it may be used on a more long term basis,

where its prescription counterpart may not.  Longer use = more weight loss = more time for your body

to adjust to ingesting smaller amounts of food = smaller stomach = less food consumption once off

the product.  It really is a win/win situation.

These Phentermine alternatives is, in our opinion one of the best all natural appetite suppressants

avaialble on the market today.  The benefits are abundant to this herbal alternative.  They include

Price – About 35% less than prescription

Safer – No side effects

Can be taken for a longer period of time allowing for more weight loss, more

bodily adjustment to smaller amounts of food

No prescription required

One of the BEST all natural appetite suppressants available on the market today

Produces exceptional results in its users.  Noticeably and consistently curbs appetite and

cravings, stabilizes mood and blood sugar to sustain weight loss momentum

Testimonials for this product include people who have used prescription Phentermine in the past

and have negative feedback on it, but they actually had extremely positive feedback about this

natural product.  That seems like the best testimony one can ask for….

Only 2 pills per day required.  The company actually recommends only taking one per day if you

initially have any difficulty sleeping if  your second dosage is too close to your personal bedtime.

No harsh stimulants.  No Ma Huang.  No Ephedra.

This product is time release formulated to work ALL DAY.  There are no problems with sudden

appetite spike after the product has worn off.  Dosages are precise and timed well for release.

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