This is a blog about coping with depression. You know as well as I do that there are about 17,583,209 sites on this topic. So the first question is:

What Makes This Site Different?

 This site is completely independent.
    No sponsors, no hidden agenda. No dubious bias.
 This site is fully original.
    No dumb, uninspired, predictable, or copied info.
 This site is well-informed.
    I read a lot and have a wide personal experience.
 This site is realistic and pragmatic.
    No emotional outpourings or feel-good dreams.
 This site is not boring.
    I cover unexpected topics and can make lame jokes.
 And as bonus (1) this site also has depression music.
    Meaning that sometimes I play relevant songs for you.
 While as bonus (2) this site has some depression history.
    Because, you know, sometimes we really can learn from the past.

Just go to my Contents page, try a few random ones of the posts listed there, and I’m sure you will see what I mean.

    I’m fairly proud of what I’ve achieved here so far. And I am truly happy that some people do appreciate the way I try to bring something here that is different or even useful.

Now your second question:

Who Is This?

I see no reason to remain anonymous: depression is nothing to be ashamed of. So if you really need something to judge my expertise and credibility, here is a very brief bio.

Me    I am Henk van Setten. As a typical Dutchman I have seen many other parts of the world, including the USA where I have some loyal blog followers. I’m aware that some Americans, used to “Hank”, find “Henk” a little strange but it’s a common short for my formal first name, “Hendrik”.

    My PhD is in social history; for many years I worked at Nijmegen University as a specialist in the history of education and parenthood, teaching and doing research. I wrote many historical studies and articles (most of them in Dutch). I also published some poetry and a short novel, Messerschmitt (1992, inspired by my sister’s suicide). For a while I wrote columns in the Dutch Volkskrant newspaper.

    Between 2000-2005, I suffered from severe clinical depression. It was bad and suicidal enough to get me into psychiatry wards a few times, with heavy medication and electroshock treatments. As a consequence, I had to give up my university job. Today I still consider myself a depression patient, but over the last ten years I have gradually recovered to the point of being able to write again.

    I started this blog about depression in 2009. Since 2014, I also run a second blog that is about the History of Mental Health.


In all respects, be it in political, religious or health issues, I’m a fairly moderate somewhere-in-the-middle person. I try to be open to different views, looking at various arguments in a rational way. I won’t fall easily for conspiracy theories or extremely one-sided views.

    So please don’t expect me to offer you some kind of magic antidepression strategy. I just don’t believe in one magic solution. We’re all different, and I don’t claim to know what’s best for you. Sometimes I do have a practical tip. That’s it.

    Of course I’m not a colorless person. I do have opinions and principles. Relevant or irrelevant, I’ll never try to hide them.

Finding Me

If you would look for me on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, you might stumble upon a “Henk van Setten”: two or three of them, in fact. But they have nothing to do with me: I have no Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account.

But if you need to, you’re welcome to mail me: see the Contact page.


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