Diet Tips – About Acupuncture Weight Loss

Acupuncture Weight Loss and Acupuncture therapy, as a treasure of tranditional medicine in China ,can also paly an important role in controlling obesity.

The mechanism of it mainly focuses on conditioning endocrine function and metabolism of human bodies. Acupuncture points that ofen being used are Kung-sun, Neiguan and so on. Young and middle aged, ranging from 20 to 5o years old, can get a relatively good therapeutic effect, as people in this age group are physically mature and sound in body.

Through acupuncture therapy, metabolism of body can easily get the adjustive effection, fat are promoted to decompose until people achieve the goal of reducing weight and fat. What’s more, it can inhibits gastric motility and secretion to alleviate hunger sensation to help people achieve the goal.

In the process of acupuncture therapy, anorexia, thirsty and increasing frequency of urination and defecation could occur, but these are normal phenomenon, as the functions of human body are constantly adjusted to improve metabolism by acupuncture therapy, the energy is continuously consumed. These symptoms would disappear until organism restore a balance.

The effects of acupuncture therapy have obvious concern with climate and season. Ofen a quick effect can be got in spring and summer, while a slow one in the other seasons. Because in summer or spring, vigorous metabolism and free movement of the bowels is good for losing weight .

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