Boat on the River


If our depression keeps floating around like a lone deserted black hulk, going nowhere, darkly dominating our view, then what should we do? Ignore it? Sink it? Tug it to shore? Or get in, understand how it works, and try to sail away?

Lone Boat

Don’t worry. I am not going to answer this question for you.

Boat on the River

But it made me think of the song Boat on the River from the 1980 Styx album Cornerstone.

    Styx is still alive and kicking as a band today, although not with all the original members. Here is a link to Styxworld, the official Styx website.

And here is the song.


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• footnote 1: In ancient Greek mythology, the Styx was the river that separated the Underworld from Earth. When you died, you crossed the Styx.

• footnote 2: I took the Lone Boat photo this afternoon, because the deserted black fisherman’s boat made me think of depression. I couldn’t help the association.
    The photo also happens to show a historic landmark. Behind the trees on the horizon (on the left) you vaguely see a kind of arc. It is the top of the old Nijmegen bridge. In September 1944, this bridge was the very last one taken by the Allied forces in their ill-fated “Market Garden” offensive. They got no further: the next bridge, at Arnhem, turned out to be A Bridge Too Far.

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