Too Sad To Cry

DoodleHaving collapsed badly again, this is one of those few times I Well, today I need to let others do some of the work.

    More or less as a follow-up to the previous post, I want to refer you to a good and intelligent description of what it means to suffer from bad depressions. I would like you to read this:

Never real and always true: on depression and creativity.  

This was posted three years ago by the Australian author James Bradley on his blog city of tongues. Really recommended.

    Like once before in a situation like this, before crawling back into my bed like a wounded dog, I leave you with an image and a song, too. Did you ever long to see a real and appropriate Depression Flow Chart?

Depression Flow Chart

As for the song, formally this is not a depression song – just your standard “my love left me and I can’t get over it” thing. We all know that this kind of sadness is not the same as depression. Still, it does have a few Read for yourself:

i’m too sad to cry
you won’t find a tear in my eye
my baby’s gone and hurt me so
i’m way too sad to cry
i’m too tired to die
though my heart has just waved me goodbye
why so wrong i’ll never know
i’m way too tired to die
what do i do now? oh, i don’t care
where do i go now? oh, where? oh where?
not thinking straight now, oh, i despair
lord, won’t you carry me away from here?
i’m too sad to cry
you won’t find a tear in my eye
my baby’s gone and hurt me so
i’m way too sad to cry


Imelda May




Wonderfully sung by Imelda May
(who luckily is not always sad).
From her album Mayhem:

(if the player does not work, install Flash)


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